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We went to Moab Valley, Utah after the season ended in Vail.  The first thing we did when we got there (after setting our tent up) was start a fire and mmm put some cheddar brats on sticks to eat some snacks.  Yummy.  Not everyone has as good of taste as me though, some of the girls had plain old hotdogs or beer brats, but everyone knows if you have the option to have cheese, you better take it.  Because cheese makes the world go round.

Eating meat on a stick over a campfire

Eating meat on a stick over a campfire

I also like eating pickles on a stick.

A pickle on a stick

pickle on a stick

And of course chocolate covered bananas on sticks.  They are the best to eat on Balboa Island or Monterey, CA while walking outside in the sun and looking at the water.

Chocolate covered frozen banana!

Chocolate covered frozen banana!

Malcolm really loved eating meat on a stick whenever he had a chance to when we were backpacking through southeast asia.  Those Thai’s really knew how to cook their meat on a stick to perfection.

Thai Meat on a Stick

Thai Meat on a Stick

Mmm… I love food on a stick.. roasting marshmallows on a stick, brats on a stick, chocolate fondue, meat fondue, appetizers that you have to use toothpicks to eat them, popsicles..

I think the whole world got the memo that eating food on a stick is one of the best ways to go.  Everywhere I’ve been in the world they give you food on a stick, in Uganda they tried shoving it in our faces when we stopped on the bus.

Meat on a stick in Uganda!

Meat on a stick!

And in Cambodia they even have deep fried snakes on a stick for you to eat! But  I think I’ll leave those to the Vietnamese and Cambodians.

Deep fried snakes in Cambodia.

Deep Fried Snakes!