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Everyone likes dressing up for parties, and toga parties are a staple.  In any country, around the world.  Everyone loves wrapping themselves in sheets and putting plants in their hair.  It’s a long time popular college theme party, and world famous.  Maybe it was Animal House that popularized the party, or maybe it was just the Greeks knew how to throw down back in the days when Caesar ruled.  Who knows, but thank you Animal House and the Greeks and Romans for Toga Parties.

Team Bucket Ladies in Laos

Toga party in Laos

In New Zealand we had a party in a random town that we stopped at, and of course it was a fancy dress party and we had a private bar.  So of course, we wore togas.  And naturally everyone knew what the dress up was, because duh, togas are worldwide.  We were still a hit.

dress up party in New Zealand

Dressing up in New Zealand for our private stray party

Then… In Laos, we had a group of ten of us staying at a hotel and decided it was a fabulous idea to dress ourselves in the sheets at the hotel and go out on the town in our togas.  Needless to say the hotel owners we less than impressed since we were wearing their sheets as clothing and were probably going to get them completely ruined.  But the whole evening leading up to it, the arguments that we go in with the owners in broken english, all of us with different accents and them with their entirely broken English, made for a priceless evening, in a random countries capital and kept us entertained for at least a few hours….

Toga Party in Laos

Team Bucket Toga Party in Laos