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If you like to dive,  go to Belize, the Blue Hole is something that you have to do in your life.  It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had.

At one point it was above water, millions of years ago, and during an ice age sunk.  When looking down on the blue hole, it’s a perfect circle.  And its the deepest spot off the Belize Barrier Reef.  It’s where all the sharks love to hang out, in the deep, cool water, and it’s a deep dive, so prepare to get narced (aka- Nitrogen Narcosis).

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We stayed on Caye Caulker and went with the dive shop Frenchies, they were great (about $190 USD for the Blue Hole, +two other awesome dives, The Aquarium and Half Moon Caye, breakfast and lunch).  We left at 530 am and took a two-hour boat

The Blue Hole

ride out to the Blue Hole, as the first dive always has to be your deepest dive, and this dive is 40 meters.  We jumped in the water and immediately went down, it took us less than a minute to get to the 40 meter mark, it was crazy, I couldn’t believe I was able to get down that fast, but since it’s only an 8 minute dive, you had to go fast so you could stay in the caves as long as possible.  As you’re sinking, you  look out into the deep, where the sharks are.  And it was nuts, there they were, just lurking in the deep, and swimming incredibly close to us. Once you get to the 40 meter mark, I was narced, it’s funny, because I had just done my advanced open water course in Utila, Honduras and we went to 37 meters and I didn’t feel a thing, but at 40 meters I was drunk and stoned under water.  So it was an intense feeling, seeing sharks everywhere, swimming in a cave 40 m under water between all of the Stalactites and Stalagmites.  Hands down, the best, coolest dive I’ve ever done.

After diving the Blue Hole we went to another dive site about 45 minutes away, called Half Moon Caye reef.  There we saw heaps of beautiful fish, eagle rays, moray eels, Lionfish (we didn’t get to hunt them there), barracuda, and heaps of other cool stuff.  Then we got to explore Half Moon Caye while waiting to be able to go on our next dive, that was amazing again, and fit its name perfectly, called the Aquarium, there were fish everywhere, just surrounding us as we swam.

I would dive the Blue Hole again, in a heartbeat.