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full moon party! September 2009

Best Place to be for a Full Moon- Haadrin, Koh Pangnan, Thailand

I don’t think anything could beat the energy or atmosphere of being in Koh Pangnan for a full moon party.  The energy of the place was amazing, and everyone was there for the same reason, to celebrate the full moon, and the coming of the new moon. Okay, but really,  to let loose, party, soak up the experience, indulge in the space around them, to feel the history of the full moon and the significance of Haadrin Beach.

Loving every second of Life

Best Party Partners for a Full Moon Party

Okay so it’s not a spiritual experience at all, but it is awesome.  Backpackers from all over the world and locals alike flock to Haadrin Beach, 13 times a year for the full moon.  (Koh Pangnan also has a notorious half-moon party that is rumored to be epic, in the jungle).  The three days leading up to the full moon party are equally exciting and memorable.  You can feel the excitement building each day as the streets become more crowded, the guest houses start filling up and the music plays later and later, and louder… or earlier and earlier.  The beach is lined with stands to buy your buckets, and backpackers go from stand to stand bartering for the best deal, and most booze (little plastic sand buckets with different bottles and sizes of alcohol, and mixers, predominately red bull and sprite).

jesus liked them, they must be the best

Best Buckets at a full moon party.

Then, pause, and take a look at the beach, there are djs set up everywhere, each bumping their own beat and surrounded by heaps of party-goers.  There are climbing walls with massive slides, nets to jump in, and even when looking at the water to the very far left of the beach, mushroom mountain.  The full moon party has it all.  Even a safety tent, for those foreigners that made their buckets a little too strong, to go pass out in.  The music is pumping until the sun comes up, which is amazing over the beautiful clear blue water, food stands are open day and night, my personal favorite, the crepe stand for the best banana and nutella crepes you can dream of, and tuk tuk drivers are waiting to take you back to where ever it is you wish to lay your head after four straight days of partying with fellow backpackers.

Everyone needs to feel the beat of this party once in their life.  And the best part, you wake up in paradise the next day to cure those nasty hangovers.