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scuba diving the great barrier reef, I found the Vagabond when planning Steph and my trip.  It was cheaper than most and the best out there.  Only 11 of us on the boat, we went out to quiet reefs, had great food, and the part of the great barrier reef we saw was incredible!  Much better than other boats I went on in the reef that were over run and over populated with tourists.  Great food, great crew and amazing scenery.  http://www.vagabond-dive.com/

I went on a scuba trip another time in the Great Barrier Reef, for only a day trip and the reef was overrun by tourists that didn’t know how to swim, the tour guides had to actually link arms with the tourists and guide them around the water, they looked like little airplanes trying to make it around.  But the danger in doing that is when people dont know how to swim they their legs down, thus kicking the coral and killing it.  So the reef that most boats go to is dead, void of the beautiful colors and fish that we were able to see taking a small group to the outer reef.

best scuba experience on the Great Barrier Reef- Aboard the Vagabond